Wedding Decor Wedding Decor 3 foot balloons flying above the centerpiece 111897035 Head Table Decor - pipe and drape outlined with 3 foot balloons 111897039 White tulle and balloons to set the wedding scene 111902253 The wedding arch is a great backdrop for the special ceremony 111902257 24inch balloons flying high 111902256 111897042 Tantalizing tulle to line the stairway 111902254 Tulle and flower decor 111902252 Maypoles lining the entrance 111896933 111902255 Maypoles outlining the wedding cereomony 173484575 Blue 3 foot balloons with clusters and flowers 173484576 "Love is Sweet" Candy Buffet 111897037 3 foot balloons make a huge impact in large spaces 173484577 Glitter and sparkle everywhere! 111956350 helium balloons flying high with shimmer ribbon hanging down for a sparkle! 111956349 Seashells and fishes! 111896931 Mirror underneath centerpieces for an additional glow 111897038 Bombonieres (we wrap and package them too!) 111897036 Let everyone know you're "Just Married"!! 111897040 111902258